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          Beauty of traditional Chinese medicine research institute is to focus on medicine and natural plant research and production in a body, in the development of the traditional national medicine research and clinical verification work Institutions, consists of the biological engineering development center and medical center. Institute of strong technical force, advanced detection means and a sound quality control system, and hired three countries members, well-known experts and professors as a consultant, also hired 21 of doctor, master at home and abroad to participate in the research and development work, institutes of high-quality scientific research team has created a strong product research and development capabilities. In view of the large market potential, high technology content of new product projects, r&d team organized, in a planned way Line of technical research, and achieved a number of gratifying results, beauty "speed ning capsule" and "laryngeal disease Ling capsule "has become a national national essential drugs, and protection of varieties of Chinese medicine research institute has been initially formed development generation, production generation, listing pattern generation, reserve generation products.
          Institute has been the study of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization as its goal, especially in the research and development, slow controlled release preparations of Chinese medicine on the quick release preparations of Chinese medicine has made certain progress. Successively developed sinomenine sustained-release capsules, lamps, dropping pill, natural herbal medicine antibiotics - of daemonorops margaritae dispersible tablets, etc. According to the development strategy of the group, and for the development of TCM injections as a focal point of work after key development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) water product, freeze-dried injection products and nutritional products such as eye drops, increase the technology content and added value of pharmaceutical products.
          Institute will carry on the strict realistic, scientific and technological innovation in the style of work, dig their own scientific research potential, and actively carry out horizontal cooperation, accelerating scientific research The pace of industrialization of fruit.